Chair Diane Litman University of Pittsburgh 2000-2001
Secretary Claire Cardie Cornell University 2000-2001
Treasurer Barbara Di Eugenio University of Illinois at Chicago 2000-2001

Executive Board

Board Member Ralph Grishman New York University 2000-2001
Board Member Martha Palmer University of Pennsylvania 2000-2001
Board Member Philip Resnik University of Maryland 2000-2001
Board Member Janyce Wiebe University of Pittsburgh 2000-2001
Board Member Graeme Hirst University of Toronto 2001-2002
Board Member Daniel Jurafsky University of Colorado 2001-2002
Board Member Lynette Hirschman Mitre Corporation 2002-2003
Board Member Owen Rambow Columbia University 2002-2003

Nominating Committee

Andrew Kehler University of California, San Diego 2000-2001
Lori Levin Carnegie Mellon University 2000-2002
Sandra Carberry University of Delaware 2000-2003
Eduard Hovy ISI, University of Southern California 2000-2003
Marilyn Walker AT&T Labs – Research 2000-2003

Ex-Officio Board Members

Sandra Carberry University of Delaware ACL Secretary
Kathleen McCoy University of Delaware ACL Treasurer