At the NAACL 2013 conference in Atlanta we recorded all of the main session oral presentations and the tutorials. You can watch the videos online at or by following the links in the NAACL 2013 page in the ACL anthology.

The NAACL Board decided to use the videos to create a Best Talk award. We nominated the 4 talks got the most votes in the NAACL 2013 post-conference survey. The survey was sent out to conference attendees immediately after the conference, and it included the question “What was your favorite talk at the conference?”. 173 people responded to the survey (25% of all conference goers).

The nominees were:

We selected the winner by distributing the video recordings of the 4 nominated talks to the NAACL membership. 160 people watched the videos and voted. The winner of the NAACL 2013 Best Talk award is Sebastian Riedel for his talk on “Relation Extraction with Matrix Factorization and Universal Schemas”.

The goal of this award is to recognize NAACL presenters to put together excellent talks and to promote good scientific communication within our community. Sebastian’s talk describes an extremely exciting research agenda, and he managed to convey his research in a way that engages the audience and sparks our intellectual curiosity.

Congratulations to Sebastian and to all of the Best Talk Award nominees!