Dear NAACL members,

The Nominating Committee for the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL) has chosen the following candidates for the open positions on the NAACL board with two year terms beginning January 2013. Additional nominations can be made until November 20th, 2012.

Board Member nominees (two openings):

Candidate statements will be posted at

Additional nominations:

Additional nominations can be submitted until November 30th, 2012. To make a nomination, three or more NAACL members should send email to Anoop Sarkar, the NAACL secretary, expressing support for the nominee and giving evidence that he or she will serve if elected. (It is recommended that this evidence consist of a forwarded email from the nominee containing a candidate statement, a biographical sketch, homepage URL, and a brief affirmation of intent to serve if elected.) In addition, the nominees for Chair should meet the criteria set out in the NAACL constitution.

Election process:

The voting period will begin once the final slate of candidates and voting instructions are announced (soon after November 30th), and is scheduled to close on December 20th.

Many thanks to the Nominating Committee – Hal Daume (Chair), Ted Pedersen, Suzanne Stevenson, Chris Brew, Kristina Toutanova, Owen Rambow – for doing the hard work of putting together an excellent slate of nominees.

For more information about the NAACL, NAACL officer responsibilities, and NAACL election procedures, please see the NAACL home page,, and the NAACL constitution, which is available there.


Anoop Sarkar NAACL Secretary (anoop at