We have rolled out the new website for naacl.org. We hope you will find it more usable than the old naacl.org website. We welcome feedback about the website: please email naacl-contact at aclweb dot org.

We have tried our best to move the archival information from the old web site to the new one. However, there might be missing information and if you notice any such omissions please let me know.

The website was designed and developed by Anoop Sarkar in his role as Secretary of the NAACL Board, where part of his responsibility is the upkeep of the NAACL organization website.

Thanks to the students from the SFU Natural Language Lab for helping to port information from the older hand-written HTML site to the new on, especially thanks to Marzieh Razavi, Max Whitney, Majid Razmara, Ann Clifton and Ravikiran Vadlapudi.

More information about the website appears in the About NAACL