Procedure for acceptance

  1. Outside organizations asking for endorsement for an event should include:
    • a description of the activity, event, organization, etc.
    • a statement of level of endorsement requested
    • a description of the use of funding (if any requested)
  2. On receipt of such requests, the NAACL Board will discuss whether the event is appropriate for NAACL endorsement
  3. After the discussion, the NAACL Chair calls for a vote
  4. If the request is approved, we decide on the level/type to offer

Criteria for endorsement

  • It is an open scientific conference or event related to computational linguistics
  • The event appears to be competently organized
  • ACL membership materials are distributed at the event
  • If sponsorship is requested, use of funds will be adequately monitored and reported

Levels/types of endorsement

  • Without sponsorship:
    • we provide to the endorsed party the language they should use saying that we endorse them; specifically, they may include on their materials the phrase “endorsed by NAACL” and the NAACL logo
    • we list the event/resource/activity/organization on our website, and optionally post a notice on social media
    • we may include a flier or other materials in our conference materials
    • we may send appropriate information to our members
  • With sponsorship:
    • all the above, plus
    • we provide some amount of money to the endorsed party

In either case, there is no implication that ACL will host proceedings in the ACL Anthology. However, for endorsed events, the board will forward an additional request to include the proceedings in the ACL Anthology to the Anthology Editor. This request should indicate how the submissions will be reviewed and selected for inclusion in the proceedings.

Endorsement language

NAACL is an organization devoted to furthering the study and practice of computational linguistics in the Americas. It is a chapter of the international Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL).

Members of NAACL include researchers, university organization, and private and public sector organizations. These members approach computational linguistics with different interests, concerns, and levels of participation. Often these interests are complementary. Sometimes they may compete. For this reason, NAACL endorses initiatives and activities that enable its members to work together to solve common problems, discuss questions of mutual interest, and become engaged in the world of computational linguistics research and practice. NAACL does not itself take a position on these external activities or initiatives beyond broadly supporting research and development work in its field.