How to produce proceedings for NAACL 2016

This page is for conference organizers (main conference, workshop & demo chairs) who need to put together a book for inclusion in the NAACL proceedings. The book deadline is May 10, unless you have negotiated an extension.


You should be able to produce your proceedings entirely within the START manager console. The relevant page for producing the book is found under the Conference Program heading, following the ACLPUB link. From there, instructions on book assembly can be found under the Instructions tab, and by reading the ACLPUB HOWTO.

Once your book builds without error using the All button under the Generate tab, let the publications chairs know by e-mailing us at We will collect the books online using START. There is no need to e-mail us any zipped files.

We will update this page periodically with NAACL 2016-specific details and answers to frequently asked questions as they arise. If you encounter any problems with this process, please email us.

Details and frequently asked questions

Paper formatting

Please make sure that all of your papers meet the camera-ready standards as laid out in this document. In particular, there are four main areas of compliance you should look for:

  1. Margins. Papers should fit entirely within the margins prescribed by the conference booklet. The ACLPUB HOWTO provides detailed instructions on how to adjust margin offsets for papers that need to be shifted.

  2. Black & White readability. Papers can contain color images, charts, and figures, but they should all be interpretable when printed or viewed in grayscale.

  3. References. Please make sure there are no obvious problems with the formatting of the References section.

  4. Metadata. Please make sure there are no obvious problems with the formatting of names in the metadata for each paper (which is viewable from the proceedings draft index). In particular, authors should be aware that their names will be formatted according to how they have entered it on their Softconf unified user info page.


You will need to produce a schedule for your workshop/session while generating the proceedings. The schedule deadline is the same as the book deadline! Please follow the instructions in the ACLPUB HOWTO, or take a look at this sample order file from SSST-7. We will build the conference handbook from the order file, which you can either edit manually in START’s provided textbox or which is created by the (more complicated) Excel-based Schedule Maker tool.

  1. Generate an initial order file from the Order tab (Import from ScheduleMaker works even if you have not yet used Schedule Maker)

  2. Copy it to a local text editor, edit it appopriately

  3. Paste it back into the order window and save

Sample order file

The following order file is from SSST-7 at NAACL 2013. You can use it as a template. Note that this file is computer readable, used to generate the LaTeX for both the proceedings and the handbook, so it’s very important to get all the details right (see below for some common mistakes):

* Thursday, June 13, 2013
+ 9:15--9:30 Opening Remarks

= Session 1
8 9:30--10:00 # A Semantic Evaluation of Machine Translation Lexical Choice
6 10:00--10:30 # Taste of Two Different Flavours: Which Manipuri Script works better for English-Manipuri Language pair SMT Systems?
+ 10:30--11:00 Break

= Session 2
7 11:00--11:30 # Hierarchical Alignment Decomposition Labels for Hiero Grammar Rules
3  11:30--12:00 # A Performance Study of Cube Pruning for Large-Scale Hierarchical Machine Translation
4  12:00--12:30 # Combining Word Reordering Methods on different Linguistic Abstraction Levels for Statistical Machine Translation
+ 12:30--14:00 Lunch

= Session 3
+ 14:00--15:00 Panel discussion: Meaning Representations for Machine Translation, with Jan Hajic, Kevin Knight, Martha Palmer and Dekai Wu
9 15:00--15:30 # Combining Top-down and Bottom-up Search for Unsupervised Induction of Transduction Grammars
+ 15:30--16:00 Break

= Session 4
2 16:00--16:30 # A Formal Characterization of Parsing Word Alignments by Synchronous Grammars with Empirical Evidence to the ITG Hypothesis.
5 16:30--17:00 # Synchronous Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems for Machine Translation

Important notes about the order file

The order file is used both to format and order the papers in the proceedings, and also to generate the handbook. The latter can be a complex task, making sure that the schedule is formatted correctly and consistently, and pulling together times across workshops (like the student research workshop and the main proceedings). Since this is done in LaTeX, it’s important that the schedules be formatted to be computer-readable. Here are some notes about the order file, including common mistakes. Note that if you use the ScheduleMaker tool, the order file is generated automatically and should be to spec.

Use this copyright.tex form (located under Templates → copyright.tex). You will have to fill out the ISBN; once we have it, we will place it in the Google spreadsheet.


You will need to fill out this tab with the correct values for your volume, many of which can be found here. As an example, here are the values used for the main conference proceedings:

Abbreviation    NAACL-HLT
Type	        Main Conference
Title	        The 2016 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies
Book Title	    Proceedings of the 2016 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies
Month	        June
Year	        2016
Location	    San Diego, California
Publisher	    Association for Computational Linguistics
Chair 1	        Kevin Knight (USC Information Sciences Institute)
Chair 2	        Ani Nenkova (University of Pennsylvania) 
Chair 3	        Owen Rambow (Columbia University)
Chair 4	        TOBEFILLED-Jill Burstein (Educational Testing Service)
Chair 5	        TOBEFILLED-Jill Burstein (Educational Testing Service)
Chair 6	        TOBEFILLED-Jill Burstein (Educational Testing Service)
Chair 7	        TOBEFILLED-Jill Burstein (Educational Testing Service)
Chair 8	        TOBEFILLED-Jill Burstein (Educational Testing Service)
Bibtex URL

The correct value for Bibtex URL can be found here