NAACL 2016 style files and publication instructions

Workshop chairs: instructions on production of your proceedings are here.

Older news

The camera-ready deadline is past.

Please format your camera-ready paper according to the instructions below, using one of our provided templates. To upload your camera-ready paper, log into the NAACL submission page on START, choose your the paper from your list of submissions, and go to that paper’s page to upload the final version.

Camera-ready papers may include 9 pages of content, with unlimited pages for references. To remove the margin rulers and anonymization features of the LaTeX submission template, simply uncomment the \naaclfinalcopy command near the top of your .tex file.

Online LaTeX templates

Using either of the above sites, you can prepare your paper entirely online in a full-featured LaTeX environment.
Important dates
  • Jan 6 Main conference submission (long and short)
  • Feb 10-15 Author response
  • Mar 2 Notification

This page will be regularly updated with information for two groups of people:

  1. Researchers submitting papers (first for peer review, and later the camera ready versions of accepted papers), and
  2. Organizers of co-hosted conferences and workshops (to be determined).

Email the publications chairs if you have questions about preparing your paper or proceedings.


This git repository is currenty maintained by the 2016 NAACL publications chairs, Meg Mitchell and Adam Lopez. The material included in it has evolved over many years through the work of a large number of volunteers, including past NAACL publications chairs Colin Cherry, Nizar Habash, Claudia Leacock, Joakim Nivre, Matt Post, Noah Smith, William Schuler, and Richard Wicentowski.