Workshop List

NEW NAACL 2018 Workshop Line-up by Marie Meteer

NAACL 2018 has a great line of of workshops covering a wide range of topics.  All workshops will be held June 5 & 6 unless otherwise noted.  Details on deadline and submissions can be found at the individual workshop websites.

  • W1 WiNLP18
    June 1
    Widening NLP (WiNLP) 2018, We are here to increase awareness of the work URGs do, support URGs in pursuing their research & motivate long-term resources within ACL.
  • W2 SemEval-2018
    June 5-6
    The 12th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation, SemEval 2018 invites participation in a broad range of semantic analysis tasks.
  • W3 *SEM 2018
    June 5-6
    *SEM brings together researchers interested in the semantics of natural languages and its computational modeling. The conference embraces symbolic and probabilistic approaches, and everything in between; theoretical contributions as well as practical applications are welcome in the form of long and short papers.
  • W4 Gen-Deep18
    June 5
    Generalization in the Age of Deep Learning, Inability to generalize means simple examples cause ML systems to fail spectacularly. We propose a venue to build and test generalization.
  • W5 BEA18
    June 5
    The 13th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications, The BEA Workshop is a leading contributor to societal need through NLP innovation for educational technology.
  • W6 Ethics-NLP18
    June 5
    Second ACL Workshop on Ethics in Natural Language Processing, The second workshop on ethics in NLP: questions, issues, applications.
  • W7 CLPsych18
    June 5
    The Fifth Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology: From Linguistic Signal to Clinical Reality, This workshop focuses on language technology applications in mental and neurological health.
  • W8 SemBEaR18
    June 5
    Computational Semantics Beyond Events and Roles, Intricate semantic phenomena such as negation, modality, factuality, attribution, irony and sarcasm.
  • W9 Style-Var18
    June 5
    2nd Workshop on Stylistic Variation, Enabling a discussion of shared issues across the many instantiations of stylistic difference across research fields.
  • W10 Story-NLP18
    June 5
    Workshop on Storytelling, Work on teaching computers to understand & generate human-like stories! One step in creating intelligence that’s complementary to humans.
  • W11 SCLeM18
    June 6
    Subword and Character LEvel Models in NLP (SCLeM), Character/subword level models are end2end & address noise, sparsity and linguistic diversity.
  • W12 TextGraphs
    June 6
    Workshop on Graph-Based Methods for Natural Language Processing, The TextGraphs is a workshop series promoting the synergies between the field of Graph Theory and Natural Language Processing.
  • W13 Fig-Lang18
    June 6
    Workshop on Figurative Language Processing, includes a shared task and invited talks on generation of figurative language.
  • W14 PEOPLES18
    June 6
    Second workshop on computational modeling of PEople's Opinions, PersonaLity and Emotions in Social media: Emotions, opinions, personality, demographics in social media: How to equip NLP models to capture their interaction? With what implications?
  • W15 CRAC18
    June 6
    Computational models of Reference, Anaphora and Coreference (CRAC), This workshop will be forum for all types of computational work on the interpretation and annotation of anaphora, coreference and reference.
  • W16 Cognitum18 (Cancelled)
    June 6
    Fourth Workshop on Cognitive Knowledge Acquisition and Applications, Acquire knowledge from text, reason in novel situations, and offer explanations in a Banking Question Answering and Reasoning shared task.
  • W17 SpLU18
    June 6
    Spatial Language Understanding, SpLU covers spatial language meaning representation, learning, semantic extraction, mapping to qualitative reasoning models, multi-modality.