Guidelines for Oral Presentations

How long is an oral presentation?

Presentation time is 25 minutes for long papers and 15 minutes for short papers, including the introduction, any questions and switching between presentations. Please limit your talk to 20 minutes if you have a long paper and 12 minutes if you have a short paper. It is important that the sessions remain on time. A session chair will be assigned to each session to make sure the schedule is maintained and to coordinate the question-answer portion of your talk. Please follow the instructions of the session chair during your talk.

When should I test my presentation?

Make sure you hook up your laptop and run a test before the presentation. You can do this during the break preceding your talk or during the half hour before the first afternoon session begins. You should arrive to your session room 15 minutes before the session starts to meet with your session chair.

What will be available in the conference room?

You are expected to bring your own laptop. Presentation rooms will each have several connections for laptops (VGA cable, mini D-sub 15 pin). Technical staff will be on hand to assist you. Your session chair with the help of AV staff will help switch the display to your laptop for your presentation.

What else do I need to bring?

Please remember to bring your own AC adapter. If your laptop is not compatible with a VGA cable, please also bring the required VGA adapter.

Will my talk be video recorded?

Yes. Like at NAACL 2013 and ACL 2014, we will record all of the oral presentations at NAACL 2015. We have hired a professional videographer to record the presentations. We will make the videos available online after the conference. Our goal is to improve the dissemination of the scientific materials that are generated for the conference. The copyright agreement for the final submission of your paper granted ACL permissions to record your talk and distribute it under a Creative Commons Attribution License. However, if you want to opt out, you can email after the conference to have your talk removed from the archive.

Session chairs

The program schedule the session chairs for each session and the room information at the venue. All presenters should know who their session chair is and introduce themselves to the session chair before the session starts.

Note that sessions 2A and 3A do not have a break in between and so a single session chair will be responsible for these two sessions (the same caveat applies to session 2B, 3B and session 2C, 3C).

Guidelines for Poster Presentations

When to set up the poster?

Tables and posterboards will be set up by lunchtime each day. You should be able to mount your poster to the posterboard anytime between 1pm and the beginning of the poster session on the day your poster is scheduled. The assignment of tables to posters can be found in the registration package.

What will be provided for each poster?

  1. A self-standing posterboard measuring 4 feet wide and 3 feet high.
  2. A table 6 feet long and 18 inches deep where the poster board will stand. There will also be room on the table for laptops and/or handouts.
  3. One chair for each poster.
  4. Clips, double-sided tape and poster putty will be available to mount posters to the posterboards.

How long is the poster presentation?

We have scheduled two sessions (A and B) for poster presentations on each day. Please check the schedule for your designated session. The posters will be up the whole time during the A/B sessions on that day. You are expected to be present at your poster during your session. However, if you wish, you can also stand by your poster during the session not designated to you.

Am I expected to participate in the one-minute madness (OMM) session for posters?

Due to the large number of posters this year, we are only able to accommodate long paper posters and TACL paper posters in an OMM session. Joel Tetreault is the OMM session chair this year. He will be in touch with detailed instructions about the OMM session. As dinner will be served during the poster sessions, presenters in poster session 1A have an option to proceed to the food line at 5:35pm after their OMM presentations