Social Media Etiquette

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It has come to our attention that there has been some less than collegial discussion on Twitter. I’d like to remind everyone that there needs to be continued mutual respect in our community.

Our NAACL 2019 organization is working diligently, and over the holidays, to ensure a fair process and strong reviews. This has proven to be a massive endeavor with the number of submissions far exceeding those in previous years.

We understand that there may be disappointment for authors when papers are desk-rejected. We have been responsive to everyone’s questions and concerns, and have engaged in many discussions to ensure a fair process for everyone. We appreciate those of you who have accepted our decisions with professionalism and those of you who have, in a professional manner, pointed out issues that may be in a gray area. We will continue to be open to discussing and clarifying our process.

If you are considering posting on social media, please maintain professional and respectful decorum.

Thank you.

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