Date:   Saturday, July 6, 2002
Time: 	3:45 p.m. - sometime kind of late that evening (maybe 10:30pm?)
Place:  Chancellor Room at the Inn at Penn

Attendees: Diane Litman, Claire Cardie, Lynette Hirschman, Graeme
Hirst, Dan Jurafsky, Lori Levin, Kathy McCoy, Dragomir Radev, Owen Rambow

Guests: Priscilla Rasmussen, Ed Hovy


- Chair (Diane). Diane presented her report.  

- Secretary (Claire). Claire presented her report.

- Treasurer. The treasurer report presentation was delayed until 6:00
  when Priscilla can attend.

The 2001 Chair Report was written by Andy Kehler. Since he couldn't
attend, Diane presented Andy's report.  We spent some time on this
since there were a number of problems in finding a good slate for the
last elections, in part because of the requirement that nominees for
the Chair position need to have served on the board in the last 5
years, so there weren't many people to choose from.

  - Although the elections are not an issue for this coming year, we
    discussed lots of options for how to fix the current elections
    problems and how to avoid others.

    ***POLICY*** If emergency vacancies on the board arise, we will
    appoint someone to fill in, keeping in mind alternates from
    previous elections.  For vacated chair, secretary, or treasurer
    positions, an existing member of the board will fill in.

  - Lynette noted that the nominating committee should try to nominate
    an equal number of new people vs. old people.

  - Lori : requested help with electronic software for upcoming election.

(3) Proposed constitution changes.  We discussed a couple of possible
    changes to the constitution.

    (a) ***CONSTITUTION CHANGE***: Include a student on the board; this
   person would also handle the web site.

    (b) ***CONSTITUTION CHANGE***: Our constitution states that the
    ACL secretary-treasurer be an ex-officio member of the NAACL exec.
    Now that there are two separate offices, secretary and treasurer,
    we need to decide which of the two should be on our exec.

    We discussed which of the two officers to include...or both. Last
    year, we voted to include both.  Minimally, we need the treasurer.
    The question is whether our chair and the treasurer will continue
    to have enough knowledge of ACL policy.

    ***PROPOSED***: Change the constitution to include just the ACL
    treasurer.  The proposal was approved unanimously.

Owen walked through his report.

LSA: Diane described the LSA proposal (see document) for NAACL
involvement in the next LSA summer school.  Dan agreed to be our/ACL's
rep on the LSA committee. Dan will work out some course options with
Ivan and get back to us for approval before they are announced.


- HLT-NAACL'03. Graeme went through his report on HLT-NAACL'03,
  concentrating on the fantastic accomplishments of the April meeting.

(6) TREASURER REPORT (Drago, with Kathy and Priscilla)

- NAACL'00 accounting (Kathy).  There is a surplus of $6500 for NAACL
  2000 to be split between ACL and NAACL. 

- NAACL'01 accounting (Kathy/Drago) There is a surplus of $43,000 from
  NAACL'01. SIGDAT gets about $9900. So NAACL gets $33,000. The $43k
  is probably somewhat lower than it will be because of unused NSF
  money for the student workshop, which Kathy is trying to apply to
  other costs for the workshop, e.g. breaks. Also, there is still some
  funny accounting for proceedings costs that Kathy and Priscilla will

  Kathy didn't see any particular problems with the costs for this
  conference...or lessons to learn.

  Kathy pointed out that ACL2000 lost money; ACL2001, made maybe
  ~$20k. Priscilla thought we should plan on making between $5k and
  $20k per conference.

- Drago gave the shadow account status.


Discussed the report from Ted Pederson. 

Dan suggested using NAACL funds to sponsor South/Latin American
colleagues to attend COLING.  Claire suggested that NAACL have an
exhibit table at COLING.

(8) HLT-NAACL'03 Chair Reports

Ed walked us through his report.  Many issues w.r.t. the upcoming
conference were discussed, including: travel funds for PC meeting, web
site, suggestions for various conference chair positions, conference
theme, coordination with SIGIR. 

We discussed some criteria for success for the conference: attendance,
number of new acl registrations, subjective evaluation via surveys
(advisory board should help with this), number of submissions,
acceptance rate.


Discussed a web site option for posting job announcements. Claire
thought that we could do that.


Diane remined us of upcoming NAACL meetings:
  - Thank you dinner
  - Business meeting
  - Executive Committee Meeting at HLT/NAACL-03, tutorials day?

Claire proposed a January phone meeting.  Priscilla thought quarterly
phone meetings would be better; and we all agreed to do this (in the
hope of having a shorter meeting at the conferences).